Sunday, August 12, 2012

Welcome to America: The Land Of Illusion

by S. Paul Forrest

If you missed the discussion on -  Breaking Taboo -  7:00 PM EST - 08/13/12 ... LISTEN TO IT HERE...

In the years of old, many in this world looked to America as the quintessential example of a land in which any dream could come true if worked hard enough for.  Millions have come here in hope that the reality they suffered for in their countries of origin would become a distant memory as they embarked upon a new life here, in this great land.  It is so very sad though, how this nation is falling away from what it once represented only to more closely resemble the third world nations from which so many immigrants originated.

As our leaders institute free trade agreements - crippling our domestic economy and work to transform our healthcare system into a socialist conflagration, our state of being and our very purpose as written upon our Statue of Liberty, is fading into nothingness.  Given the administrative follies enacted by bureaucrats, the tired, huddled masses yearning to be free in the world, may soon no longer be able to look to the Dream once so engrained within the promise of this great land. Instead of representing true Liberty and Justice, our nation has come to offer fear based laws and religious zealousness in place of multiculturalism and diversity; changing America in the worst of ways. 

In the world today, our nation’s education system is ranked 27th and falling rapidly, anti-immigration initiatives are closing us off from many in the world while the military industrial complex so poisoning our national sense of preservation, makes enemies of the rest; driving our nation into unrecoverable debt and an amoral standing.  Like so many third world nations, the least among us are being ignored while the few at the top and in government reap the benefits of the corporatist state we have allowed to flourish while the rest of us fall deeper into a class-based recession.

Too many within the halls of governance are propelling this nation toward a time of tragedy, taking our freedom from us with their tools of ignorance and fear propagation, including our current President.  Those people of the world who still yearn to be free can longer look to us to guide them toward the hope they long for. All they can do now is pity us while this once great nation fades into the annuls of time as just one more empire destroyed by power lust, Theocratic fervor and executive misguidance and all the people here seem to do is ignore the reality that America is dying while they sleep in front of their televisions, living within an illusion constructed of dreams which will never be again.

The best part is about tomorrow's show: Wait for it.........Our guest is Javier Valencia: An immigrant recently become citizen who will be helping to compare his nation of origin - Colombia - and what he sees as the fading of the America he once thought was but only now sees as no different than the place from where he came. This is gonna be good!

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