Sunday, August 5, 2012

Christianity 5.0: Delusion Rekindled

S. Paul Forrest

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Across this nation today, the Christian Right is marching to the sounds of thumping Bibles, fighting to cast America back into the Dark Ages of thought as only they and their contributors can do.  They time and time again, have claimed to represent Christian values while attempting to restore our Country to the days of our Founding Fathers but by their own actions, have come to represent nothing more than the very Pharisees and Sadducees Jesus himself cautioned us all against as acting within the Church to serve only evil. In fact, given the pretexts of their beliefs and dictates of a “non-secular” class devoted to God while only serving the rich and privileged, the entire premise of Christian revivalism is a contradiction in terms.

I couldn’t possibly image this “Savior” they worship would ever have condoned increased taxation on the middle class only to add to the War Chest and Corporate Welfare initiatives of America’s corrupt Empire.  I can also not imagine a world where Jesus would have condoned the constant condemnation and judgment of people everywhere who did not conform to the teachings of a Church deeply mired in control and manipulation. These “Christians”, operating under the guise of a righteous purpose, supposedly serving in His name, continue to gather en masse in order to bring to fruition their twisted version of Biblical teachings to promote only their unique brand of hatred.

As if the efforts to rekindle the Crusades of Old weren’t enough, these same daemons have taken up the cause of making criminal, gay marriage, any form of contraception and apparently, given the obscene, faux patriotic ramblings directed against a Mosque being built anywhere near “ground zero”, our Constitutional Freedom of Religion. In the same breath with which they profess the virtues of their religious morality, some promise to eliminate all social assistance and care for the least of those among us only to direct their ill gotten, blasphemous gains to the most “blessed” among us.  Is this the Christian reclamation so many speak of in America? Is this the flock of Christ come to save us from sin or the flock of Satan, meant only to control us so they can propagate their anti-Christian plans?

Religion always has been and I am most convinced, always will be, the greatest evil ever devised by Man.  Karl Marx once said that religion is the opiate of the people but in the eyes of the religious right and their co-conspirators of control on the left, it is not a sedative but rather, a weapon of mass deception.  All one has to do to see the truth of this religion is look at the Vatican, Protestant Mega-churches and the ever increasing numbers of local ministries which have spread across this nation like a tax-free plague only to prophet from their flocks who blindly follow their misguided versions of Biblical rancor. Religion is quite simply, only a business meant to operate for profit no matter the cost to those who follow their deceptive ways.

There are of course, good “Christians in this world who truly believe in the teachings of their prophet and act in kind but they are not the ones controlling the money, the media or the political agendas.  Sadly, they are only the sheep who are slated to serve under the “guidance” of their preachers, priests and ministers no matter the message or the people hurt in their quest for righteousness.  If anything, these followers are worse off than those of us who wish not to associate with the devils of religion: They have become convinced that God is being served through the false teachings of their masters and have happily agreed to donate their money and energies to the cause only in an effort to earn a place within a fabled heaven floating upon the clouds of their personal delusion.  

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