Sunday, July 15, 2012

America’s Food: Where Our Survival Meets Our Death

by S. Paul Forrest

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Food: It's a simple word; one syllable with one meaning: Survival.  Food is essential for it nourishes our bodies in order for us to continue to live, work and play. Our human and even, animal forms on this planet of ours, cannot survive without it.  However, with the advent of overt or rather, covert, political power and corporate prowess, it has come to represent control over the people and profit without conscience both of which would seem fitting in this, our modern world, which has become infected with greed and obsessed with power; operating without remorse.  As has been said; those who control the food, control the population and no where is this more readily evident than in our present day world where genetically modified and chemically manipulated foods are being lobbied for by corporations like Monsanto who stand to make a great deal of money from it.

Food is most often not seen as just sustenance: Much of our food is enjoyed for its flavor, alone. Restaurants, meant to serve our sapid, culinary desires only, continue to pop up like daisies every year.  Many of these establishments though, are just too expensive for the average, monetarily challenged American so in order to provide a more affordable alternative to said, fine cuisine, corporate owned restaurants like McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken have come to the rescue with their fat laden, sugar laced, carcinogenic appointed menus in order to offer those who can’t afford to eat elsewhere, the opportunity to poison themselves and their children with everything from pink slime to faux fries made of anything save for that which is healthy.  Most partaking of this fare seem not to mind the reality of the dangers involved. In fact, the worse the food is for them, the more they seem to crave it.  

Food fully saturated with fat, preservatives and genetically modified ingredients, flood our food chain with seemingly no concern by those who are supposed to be regulating it. From steroid ridden meat to chemical soaked vegetables, even the most basic of our foods and historically “good” for us pabulum, has become a detriment to our collective health.  Those in the corporate quasi-corpus have adopted a poisoned ideology that is meant only for profit, regardless of the long term health risks that it imbibes. The corporate puppets in Washington, in their infinite wisdom, have determined that not only do genetically modified foods not have to be labeled, they have decided to perpetuate a sickness so perverted with greed that even the best among us is at risk from it’s malfeasant attempts to profit from one of our most basic, human needs.   

In place of nutrition, we here in America have come to accept genetically modified foods and chemical additives meant only to please our retronasal, culinary obsessions instead of acknowledging the long term, physical ramifications of said modification and the thousands of pesticides inundating it.  It is bad enough that no one fights against the poisoning of our water, air and earth but to lay silent whilst our food is manipulated and open to be marketed by those who are responsible for protecting us from such manipulation, is beyond reproach.  It is one thing to sacrifice yourself to the gastric gods but to allow even your baby’s food to be poisoned while you sit sedated in front of the television is less than responsible; it is neglectful.  When will you draw the line between survival and death? When will you awaken to the reality that food has become a poison and acceptance of the current system's proliferation of it is akin to suicide, and demand a stop to it?

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