Friday, July 20, 2012

Voter Purging: Our Government’s Answer to Accountability

by S. Paul Forrest

We discussed this as one of the stories - 07-23-12 - on Breaking Taboo - 7:00 PM EST – If you missed the show, Listen to it HERE.

Purging the voter pool seems an innocent enough idea; those people in this nation who cannot prove they are a citizen, cannot vote.  If you do not have legal documents such as a federally certified birth certificate, then too bad; you cannot partake in choosing your Governmental leaders.  If you are a convicted felon whereby you broke the Law of the Land; you cannot vote.  If you live in the inner city where a car is a luxury enjoyed only by the rich so a driver’s license is not needed; you cannot vote.  In other words, only those Americans who have fully adhered to the mandates of absolute subservience to a system designed to control them, can vote.  Yes, it is quite simple.

The problem of course, which seems to be a continuing theme within the out-of-touch political crowd infecting our government’s higher offices, is even simpler: Those trying to purge the voter pool do not want any people from the underclass participating in this Democracy because what this country needs is more greed, selfishness and self-absorptive mandates to control the aforementioned people. Any interference from the undesirables in this nation as politicians further enact America’s own version of Europe’s austerity measures, is unwanted.  The irony is, the poverty, illegal immigrant status and criminal burdens keeping some from the voting booth were created by the very same mentality within our government that is doing nothing save for driving those discounted into participatory oblivion.

The real issue at hand is not a matter of ineligibility as a citizen of these United States to vote; it is a matter of politicians not wanting to be held accountable for their actions (or rather, inactions) and intentions while in office.  Those existing within the disparaged class are the ones who are more aware than any American of how little these politicians are doing to help them.  No where else are the true pains of this self serving system felt than around the tables of those who find their ability to buy food dwindling, their future prospects fading and their hope that America is still the Land of Opportunity, disappearing.  No where else is this pain felt more than among those who are currently being targeted in the voter purge initiative.

It is interesting though, how this action by some States is being blamed on the Republicans while the Democrats, the Party who is supposed to be “for the People”, lay silent; doing nothing to stop it.  The President condemns this initiative in meaningless speeches atop the marble steps of the White House but is doing nothing more than delivering more pretty words in his all too apparent pattern of false promises and empty gestures so far delivered by his Administration.  More talk is not what we need in this Nation; more action is and without it, we will all surely find ourselves purged as well while our Government moves further and further away from representing We the People. 

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