Sunday, July 8, 2012

America’s “Representatives” Continue to Support Job Losses

by S. Paul Forrest

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Many have claimed that the recent recession in America was caused by the housing bubble which eventually burst.  Others claim it was caused by over speculation from Wall Street robbers or the manipulation of interest rates and the Federal Reserve’s role in it.  Still others recognize the cost of a resource war in the Middle East which has exponentially added to our problems and continues to do so is the problem.  Although the afore mentioned factors have contributed to our economic failures, the bulk of American jobs were lost and continue to be so because corporations left our shores courtesy of Congressionally approved free trade pacts and corporate purchased, tariff-free import agreements with foreign countries for both material and intellectual property. 

The latest of these government-backed actions ridding our country of jobs has emerged via the revised Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement which is essentially, the big brother of S.O.P.A.  The T.P.P.A. is an agreement between Pacific Rim nations whereby those participating would enjoy absolute freedom from tariffs and open our shores to more corporations able to leave America to open factories in countries where low wages are acceptable and environmental concerns are ignored for the sole purpose of making greater profits.  Those within the greed infected circles of this agreement argue the trade agreements will bring prosperity to those countries participating but the only prosperity enjoyed will be by those corporations who will be able to profit from its unilaterally perpetuated misery.

This Agreement, if enacted, would eliminate 11,000 tariff lines among those countries participating in the T.P.P.A.’s corporatist club house.  The proposed tariff elimination would mean that not only could companies operate overseas without restrictions pertaining to the environment, labor compensation and taxation in any fashion but they also could operate, produce and then ship their products back to us; the greatest consumers in the world, here in America, for free. Meanwhile, we are expected to believe the media pushers and political puppets who tell us this agreement is “good” for our economy but the reality of this pro-corporate, anti-American, job destroyer is quite different.  Yes, goods will become cheaper but our GNP and our wage levels will decrease proportionately courtesy of labor costs and human rights violations so prevalent within the other member nations.

The saddest part of this action is not the job losses or the proliferation of human rights violations but rather, it is how a President who claims continuously on the campaign trail to support the “little guy”, is engaging in talks to bring this further degradation of our employment situation to fruition.  Even worse, are how many people so desperate to see real change from the ever increasing despair globally to a system of opportunity and equality, still so ignorantly believe that the current system operating under the guise of representation within our Government, actually cares for them, their families and their friends. 

To this author, the TPPA represents only one thing: How We the People are no longer represented and how the two party, “Democratic” system has become nothing more than a mechanism used to blind us all to the truth of how our government has become corrupted by corporate greed.  If we are ever to reclaim our America, we must act to stop not only the TPPA, but every other plan being devised by our “leaders” to only further degrade our economic and national security only to enslave us within a world of servitude while they alone, reap the benefits of our labors both physical and mental. The time has come for real change...real hope.  The kind of hope that agreements like this will never bring; only We the People can do that and it is well past the time for us to do so.

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