Sunday, July 29, 2012

As America's Military Spreads Across the Globe, Who is Protecting Our Nation?

by S. Paul Forrest

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"Amerika" by Lakota Phillips
As America faces deficits the measure of which have not been seen in the history of this once, great nation, military bases continue to be built around the world.  Other outposts known as “leap pads”, are being built as well to assist in the transfer of military personnel and equipment everywhere from Siberia to the Cape of Good Hope - all part of an greater agenda to spread our Empire of Greed to every corner of the Earth no matter who dies or is falsely imprisoned for exposing it for what it is: A New Age of Tyranny.  

Over 1,000 bases and another 250 leap pads are littering the landscape of over 140 countries globally in order to proliferate our American Militaristic State supporting a New World Order. We here in America, spend on average, over one trillion dollars each year on military initiatives.  We are told schools, highways, bridges, community centers and unemployment compensation cannot be paid for because we must control the budget. Meanwhile, we continue to fund drone bombing of villages, the support of Israel’s immoral war against Palestine and wage wars in places like Africa; all in the name of Empire. Our “leaders” try to justify these expenditures by saying we are fighting “terrorism” or trying to fight the “Axis of Evil”.  Their priorities have obviously become stained with corruption instead of the interests of those of We the People.  With all this militaristic might operating overseas, it would seem no one is protecting us anymore.

Many tout this military might as essential to fight against terrorism and the promotion of Democracy but the reality is, the spreading of our Empire is more than a mere attempt to combat a few mule riding, poor farmers from Afghanistan, it is an evil in and of itself, fighting not against tyranny but rather, for it. Part of America’s Global, military efforts include a renewed promise to control, silence or destroy any who will stand in the way of our Nation’s role in the Order including but not restricted to, the Nation of Islam and yes, even We the People who would dare stand up to protect our nation from the fascist regime which is slowly shredding our Constitutional rights. Along with the United Nations, they are trying to destroy not only our First and Second Amendments but have begun to enact policy which will eventually, if not stopped, negate our entire, National purpose.

Our nation now embodies the greatest of those evils we are supposed to be fighting against; represented by our political deceivers so desperate to justify the cost of our ongoing “war against terrorism” while ignoring the needs of real Americans.  So many in this nation ignore these issues if only to keep from awakening from the American Dream they were once sold on, so long ago.  Our children are taught to obey regardless of the insanity of the laws meant to further their subservience and thousands die at the hand of our military while the reality of our empire goes underreported and largely ignored by those in this nation still clinging desperately to their fantasy that America is still a great nation.  As corporate controlled media and puppet politicians continue their propagandistic charter to distract us from reality, our nation falls deeper into the chasm of destruction and our military, operating under the guise of patriotism and Democracy, only takes us one step closer to full Fascism and hopeless surrender.

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