Monday, July 2, 2012

Obama-Care or an Abomination?

by S. Paul Forrest

We were discussing this on Breaking Taboo 07-02-12 - 7:00 pm EST - - If you missed the show, listen to it HERE

Much has been speculated in our politically separated nation since the Supreme Court decided that the federal mandate outlined by the Affordable Health Care Act was determined to be “Constitutional”.  The decision handed down was an eye opener not only because it revealed the lack of our fellow American’s ability to read past the headlines but it showed quite clearly, that most people either supporting or opposing the Law clearly do not know what the Act and the Court’s decision actually represents.

Given the recent decision by SCOTUS that the mandate is Constitutional only if the “fines” are now called “taxes” and how the decision allows Republican controlled States to opt out of the plan, this “National” healthcare initiative has come to represent an ideal, only.  In fact, despite the Left wing controlled media’s initial boasting that the entire plan remained intact; the Court’s decision essentially guts the Act to the point where it now remains a National burden only rather than an actual solution to our current, medical melee.

Though it is true that many of the provisions outlined in this Act allows those who should otherwise receive health care in the richest nation in the world where previously they were denied it, the reality of ObamaCare is it creates a system of bureaucracy so large that the price paid by doctors, clinics and hospitals as well as those now having to shoulder the cost of it, is staggering.  Even worse, many who could not previously afford insurance are now being forced to buy it and companies, mostly small businesses, are being made to provide it for their employees to their great, financial dismay.  So exactly when does the all too often touted, affordable part come in?

The reality is that ObamaCare is nothing more than an extremely expensive Band-Aid applied to the gushing wound we call our American healthcare system.  In its current form, this Act will never be able to absorb the loss of the economic blood suffered for the poor state of the Corporate, Heath Care establishment.  This Act is a monster, born of corporatist politics and greed wrapped in a blanket of false promises and empty gestures. It is not a solution. In fact, it only worsens the current healthcare system to the point where even if you are rich enough to afford care, the administrative labors involved to enact it greatly retards most people’s ability to acquire it.  So my question is: Why are Liberals still so adamantly supporting it?

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